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Wiener Fauteuil | barstool

Wiener Fauteuil | barstool

Design: BEHF Architects

A tiny visible joint is recognizable when it comes to the bar stool of our Wiener Fauteuil, designed by BEHF Architects, Vienna. A contrasting piping is combined with the voluminous upholstery as well. The massive wooden frame made of oak wood, cherry wood or walnut guarantees a solid stand.

Wiener Fauteuil | barstool


Cafe Motto am Fluss Wien_BEHF Architects
Motto am Fluss


Stephan Ferenczy was born 1960 in Hamburg. After studying interior design and furniture design in Stuttgart, Ferenczy moved to Vienna and studied architecture at the University of Applied Arts. Here, he visited the master class of Prof. Wilhelm Holzbauer. Together with his fellow students Susi Hasenauer and Armin Ebner he founded BEHF in 1995. Today, BEHF is one of the largest, efficient architectural office in Austria with 120 employees. It is well known for the design of company branches (Merkur, A1, Deutsche Bank) as well as for the design of restaurants in Vienna (Fabios, Motto am Fluss, Shiki). Over time, BEHF Architects has won numerous architecture awards.

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